Is He Worth a Second Date?

Dating is supposed to be fun, but more often than not we leave not really sure if he’s worth it or not. I’ve always said if you have to question it, it’s probably a no. There’s no use in trying to convince yourself of something, or force yourself to feel something that isn’t there.

But it’s hard as hell sometimes, right? After all, many of us don’t experience love at first sight so we try and intellectualize it: “Is it bad that he did this…” “What does this/that mean…?” Trust me, there’s nothing wrong with thinking too hard, but if you ask me a man is only worth a second date when he proves himself through actions:

#1) Both of you ignore your phones unconsciously because you’re actually into each other. No Facebook, Instagram, emails, and God-forbid, Grindr. Somehow a magical feeling overcame you both and you’re gravitated up and outward towards one another. That’s an energy you can’t ignore.

#2) Neither of you are looking at hot guys around you. Nothing sucks more than knowing your date is checking out other guys in front of you. Clearly he’s not into you, and having a floating eye is the biggest sign that he’s a cheater. But when both of you are so glued in, not out of pretending to be polite, but because both of you actually think you’re the hottest in the room, it’s incredible.



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