Summer in the Creek – Losing Innocence – Part 2

I woke up very early this morning but stayed in bed thinking about Thomas. I realised that some of my school-mates are not hostile to me but pretend to be because of the public – they don’t want to be seen socialising with a fagot. That does not excuse some of them being quite aggressive. Thomas was one of them and I could not ever think that he would play with me. Is he gay? Or maybe bi? It was not really important for me. I was so happy to be with him now and was very excited in anticipation of what will happen when we meet again today on the banks of the local creek. I looked at my cock – it was smallish, but it did not worry me. Thomas liked it and that was important. His remarks about it were not hostile.  Maybe he would want to suck my cock if I shave my pubic hair? I had his hair in my mouth and it was not pleasant having to spit it out. Yeah, I am going to shave my pubic hair. I went to the bathroom and shaved my pubic hair before shower and then watched myself in the mirror for a while. My step-father was already out, and my step-mother was watching TV when I got to the lounge. She told me to have a breakfast as usually and I went to the kitchen more to make her happy than to eat. Some cereal with honey and I was fine. Thomas did not say what time he will be coming to the creek. Maybe earlier than yesterday? I did not pack my fishing gear this time on my bicycle. Just towel.

The creek was very fresh that morning. And very green. I looked around and could see where we were laying yesterday as grass was still pressed to the ground. Then I looked around to see how visible is that place if someone comes. Nobody except Thomas and I was going to that creek but just in case. I placed towel on the same place. Should I undress and lay on the towel waiting? No, I am going to have a splash in the creek. I stayed in the water for a while waiting for Thomas, but he did not come so I got out and whipped water with the towel and pulled my jeans on. Could not concentrate on my book. Will he come today as he said? Took my jeans off again and went for a swim. Wish I got my fishing gear with me in case Thomas does not come.

“You are early and swimming nude again” – it was Thomas talking as he was coming through the bush. He took his top off and then his jeans. This time he was not wearing underwear and his cock flopped as he pulled his jeans down. I could not help staring at it with excitement. He jumped in the water and splashed some water on me. “You did not tell anyone?” he asked. “I will really have to kill you if anyone knows about this” – his voice was very serious

“I promise not to tell anyone. You know I am good with keeping my mouth shut about some other things when we were naughty as kids”

This time my cock got hard assoon as I heard Thomas. He was hard when he touched me in the water. He touchedmy cock and pulled my foreskin that was covering my cock-head.

“Ouch! It hurts if not gentle and slow.”

“Stop crying girl”

His kiss was passionate. We played in the water like kids for a while then he took me in his arms and walked out of the creek and placed me on the towel.

“Did you swallow any of my cum yesterday?”

“Most of it”

“How it tastes?”

“Nice and creamy”

“Wow, what happened to your pubic hair? You shaved! Wow! Your cock looks even smaller like that. I like it though. It is practical too. My zipper was pulling my hair on my way here. I don’t think girls would appreciate a guy who shaves though.

“I had a lot of your hair in my mouth yesterday when I was sucking you”

“You did not complain. I am not going to shave anyway, and you will have to suck it as it is”

“I will. Just saying…”

He got down on his knees and toldme to lay on my stomach and suck his cock. I was happy to follow his request.He guided my head as he was stroking in and out of my mouth. Was not asforceful as yesterday. Then he started massaging my shoulders, back and finallymy buns. He was spreading them and then his finger scratched my balls and thenslowly pressed on my hole. I often finger myself when wanking but this wascompletely different feeling. His finger rubbed my hole and then he pushed itin with some force making me moan and twitch.

“It hurts you?” he asked

“A little bit if you push hard” – I mumbled while leaking his cock. “I push my finger often when I wank. I like the feeling”

“My cock is thicker and longer than my finger. You think it would get in your hole”

“Other guys get it so I think it would. They use lubricant and I don’t have that… It would probably hurt a lot…”

“You must like pain if you like being fucked. Women also feel some pain. You have to put up with the pain if you want to be fucked… Would you bleed?

“Oh. Not sure. Hope not…”

“Women bleed when they lose their virginity”

I did not know what to say and put his cock back in my mouth. I wanked this morning before coming here in hope it will slow my cumming and it was working well so far. Thomas pulled his cock from my mouth and laid on top of me from behind. His cock was rubbing my balls and my hole

“Gays fuck doggy style unlike with girls” – he said with confidence. “With Sophia would be in different position”

“Gays do the same positions as girls – depends on what they like” – I said a bit unhappy that Sophia was mentioned.

“Cool… So you can lay on your back and spread your legs for me to fuck you? How they get cock in that way….” – obviously Thomas did not look at these things on Internet as I have

“They do. Vagina is placed like between our balls and hole…”

He turned me around and I was on my back. He spread my legs and leaned over me. His cock pressed against my hole

“Yeah, gays can fuck like that… – he said and pressed his cock against my hole.

“Ouch! It hurts Thomas! Please…” I pleaded but he continued his push – “We need something to lubricate Thomas please…” – He was holding my shoulders firmly and I could not get out of his grip and continue pushing and luckily his cock slipped and pushed my balls.

“What can we use to grease your pussy? Maybe try in the water…” – he was breathing deep and still holding me firm. He grabbed my hand and pull me in the water. I could feel his finger in my hole in the water. “Bend over!” – he turned me around and forced me to lean forward and immediately started pushing his cock in my hole. It was as painful as before and I cried loudly pleading him to stop. He was very frustrated and continued and then I could feel his cum splashing against my hole.

“You cum Thomas?”

“It is your fault!” – he pushed me away and washed his cock before getting out of the creek.

“I am sorry Thomas. I do like you to fuck me, but I cannot. Your cock could not get in. We need some cream…” – I was really frustrated that I could not please him and concerned he might become aggressive.

I got out of the creek and laid down on the towel feeling somehow guilty. Thomas was laying next to me – his cock was soft but still big. I took it in my mouth and started sucking it. He was sensitive on that like being ticklish and pulled it out of my mouth but then changed his mind and let me suck it. Very quickly it was hard again and pulsing in my mouth. I sucked it for a while before he took it off my mouth, got up and started dressing.

“Don’t go anywhere. I will be back soon – he said while dressing – “You promise to let me fuck you if I get cream?

“I promise Thomas… It hurts too much without cream… your cock could not get in…”

Thomas jumped on my bicycle andleft in a hurry. I started fingering my hole determined to let Thomas fuck me. Iwas thinking it is probably easier to penetrate because he is cut. I wasnervous and waiting seemed to be very long when Thomas appeared from the bushsurrounding the creek. He had some cream in his hands – it was Vaseline. Hehanded me cream and started undressing

“Grease your pussy!” – his voice was strong and decisive

I took the cream, got on my knees and started lubricating my hole without saying anything. It was strange feeling having cream on my hole. It was sort of cold and very sticky. I was not sure how much should I use.

“That is enough” – Thomas said and took cream from me and got down on his knees behind me. He started putting cream on his cock – “It is so greasy” – he said and I could feel his greasy hands rubbing my waist. His cock pressed my hole and he grabbed my shoulders very strongly and I screamed as his cock entered my hole and went all the way in it. Pain went through my stomach, spine and neck and I thought I might blackout. Thomas did not pay any attention to my screaming and his cock was drilling through my body. I started feeling sick and weak and collapsed on my stomach. He did not expect me to collapse and his cock popped out. I could feel relief and was laying on my stomach and shivering.

“Shit! You are dirty” – Thomas slapped my buns and got up and jumped in the water and started washing his cock. “Come in water and wash yourself dirty bitch” he yelled at me.

“Sorry…” – I managed to say and slowly got up and walked in thewater. How am I going to wash my hole was the question on my mind? I havealready washed it with my finger before. I tried to open my hole and push myfingers as deep in to try to clean it. I looked at my fingers and there wassome shit on them, so I continued till it was all clean. “I had to go to toilet Thomas” – I said as my stomach was upset. Iwalked out of the water and went to the bush. I squatted in the bush feelingextremely embarrassed. My stomach broke and I started feeling relieved. Thomasappeared and asked – “Are you all right?” – and he sounded concerned. “I am sorry Thomas… I think I will be finesoon… You are not angry?

“I am not angry…” he said calmly making me feel better. “Come back to the towel when you are finished. Call me if you feel sick” – his hand touched my head gently, he turned around and walked away. I was happy that he is gone because I did not know how to get up without feeling really embarrassed. I got up and run to the water. I washed myself and looked towards Thomas who was resting against the tree and watching me. He got up and joined me in the water. “I did not hurt you?” he asked with very caring voice. “I think I will be fine Thomas… You have big cock…”

He started splashing water over my face and I splashed water at him and we were both laughing and then swim together back and forward. We stood in the water and he pulled me towards him gently and we started kissing. His cock was rubbing mine and started growing before mine followed. I enjoyed every moment and pain and thoughts of it disappeared. We walked out of the water together and lied on the towel in silence. I was feeling strong desire to feel his cock inside me again

“Do you want to try again Thomas?I think I will be fine now… And clean… If you are gentle…”

Thomas did not waste any time after my suggestions. He turned towards me, rubbed his cock against my body then leaned on top of me. I spread my legs. He took some cream and started lubricating my hole gently and then gave it to me – “You put some of it on my cock”. I took cream and started stroking his cock with my greasy hands. “Hey, it is enough… I don’t want to blow before I am inside” – he raised my legs and guided his cock to my hole but did not slam it in as before – instead he rubbed my hole with his cock-head for a while and then I could feel it penetrating slowly. My hole was twitching but slowly opened and I could feel his cock slowly getting deeper and deeper. It was a bit painful, but I firmly held my grip on the pain and breathing deeply while moaning – “Kiss me Thomas” – I moaned and he started kissing me passionately and moving in and out faster. Soon he was completely inside and his balls were slapping my buns as he kept stroking and moaning loudly. He took my legs in his arms and guided me in position giving him deepest penetration and I was overwhelmed by pleasure. I could feel my cock softening and then I started spraying my sperm like crazy while moaning loudly. Thomas cum inside at almost the same moment while stroking his cock wildly and then calmed for a moment and slumped on top of me. He then pulled out and lied on his back next to me still moaning. I touched my hole and it was wet. I was feeling like in a heaven. We laid next to each other for a while.

Thomas was first one to move and jump in the water and I followed him. We were silent, splashing in the creek under afternoon son. He walked out and stood on the bank exposing his body to the sun. I stood next to him. Towel was not clean so we had to dry on the sun. Still not saying anything.

“Time to go home” – he said andstarted dressing.

I quietly started dressing too and really did not know what to say. Thomas was dressed and walked away without saying anything. I stood in the shadow silent and little bit sad – I just realised that my first sexual experience was with someone who used me as a substitute for someone else. It was devastating thought. Loneliness was coming down on me. Is there anyone that loves me for who and what I am? Going back home was slow and painful. Night after was sleepless. I went to the creek the following day but Thomas never turned up. Talking to the fish in the creek was not much fun.

Thomas turned up four days later.I was reading my book when he walked through the bush and stood above me – “Youwill never talk about what happened here!” – he said – “I mean NEVER” – hisvoice firm. I looked up at him and thought that there is nobody I could talk inthe town these days anyway. “I promisenot to Thomas… Do you want to swim?” – I asked just to say something. “No,I am going back home… If you keep quiet about this I will make sure nobodyharass you in school… Otherwise…” – he walked away and I did not see him tillthe first day back in school. 

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