Losing Innocence – Mk 3 – Peter’s Truck

My life became less miserable since adventure with Thomas. I kept promise of not ever mentioning what happened between us and he kept promise of protecting me from harassment in school. I guess other guys in school just got used to my appearance and manners and got bored with throwing verbal abuses at me. Well, many of them started showing more interest in girls. On the other hand, my life became boring. My experience with Thomas was my first and so far, my last. At least I was doing well in school as there was not much else to do at home but to study. Year eleven finally came to an end and I could go for a swim in the creek. Thomas was not going to the creek as far as I know. This summer break was special for him because he started dating Sophia just couple of months before the end of school year. I must say they were lovely couple.

I woke up and started getting myfishing gear ready for another day at the creek but then changed my mind anddecided to go to the town for a ride instead. Goulburn is eight kilometres fromour farm. There is not much to do in the town but going to creek became tooboring. It was mild day and ride should not be too hard. I checked my tyres,grabbed two bottles of water and packed them in my backpack and went. I reallyenjoyed it. Town was quiet but less boring than farm. After couple of hourshanging around I decided it is time to head back home. Just in time to haveafternoon swim in the creek. Refilled my water bottles and started riding backhome. It was still pleasant day but hotter than ride to town. I was not in ahurry. Some four kilometres from the town my rear tyre went flat. I realisedthat repair kit is not in my small toolbox on the bicycle. Bummer! It is goingto be long walk pushing bike back home. Such is life! Road was not busy and Iwas losing hope that someone might stop and give me a lift when I heard bigsemi-trailer behind me. I moved towards the edge of the road and kept going.Truck passed me and then stopped and sounded horn. I don’t know anyone withsuch a big truck but I was happy that my long walk is over. I pushed bike closeto the truck cabin and blonde guy in his thirties opened the door.

Australian gay teen story

“Flat tyre?”
“Yes… Thanks for stopping… My farm is around three kilometers away, if you are heading that way but I would be happy if you give me lift to the crossroad only kilometer away from the farm Sir”
“Sure” – he got out and helped me to lift bicycle on his trailer – “Peter is my name. What is yours?”
“Marcus. Nice meeting you Sir and thanks again…”
“Jump in”
I jumped in and put seat-belt on. It was my first time in a big truck. It was real cool. Sleeping compartment behind, good sound system, air-conditioned….
“You are lucky. I just got new truck this morning and decided to take it to a test drive before heading to Sydney tomorrow. Mack! – he said with a pride in his voice.
“You live in the town Sir?
“Yes. We moved there two months ago. Don’t call me “Sir”, I am not that sort or that old. How old are you?”
“Will be eighteen next month”
“I am going to the servo down the road. You can go with me and then I can drop you off at the intersection or you want to get off at the intersection now?
“I would love to go with you to the servo. Nothing to do anyway”
We went through the intersection without stopping. He was still getting used to new truck.
“Wanna have a drink?” – he asked after filling tanks with the fuel

I was struggling with my beer. I rarely drink beer or any alcoholic drinks. My step-parents don’t drink. He finished his beer and I was still half way through mine. He realized I am struggling – “You don’t have to drink it all. I could buy you Coke if you said you don’t drink beer. Ready to go?”
“Yes. Just need to go to toilet first”
“That is not bad idea” – he said and we went to a toilet.
I was feeling strange as we walked to the toilet. We stood next to each other and I could not help myself but to stare at his cock. I did not think he would notice. He finished peeing and was shaking his cock and I was doing the same but could not take my eyes off his. We walked out and jumped in the truck. He started driving back without saying anything for some time. I was also silent.
“You are on school holidays now?
“Yes. Four more weeks before going back – Year 12”
“Did you go anywhere during break?”
He moved in his seat and touched his crotch like he was having erection or something like that. Maybe it was just me seeing it that way. It made me feel excited nevertheless and I got erection and adjusted my cock.

“You are having hard-on too?” he said through laugh. I could feel my face turned bright red. “Don’t be shy. It is normal. I just got erection too” – he said more seriously and touched his crotch again. I did not know what to say
“I have a contract to go to Sydney every Monday and drive some loads there before returning to the town on Fridays or Saturdays morning. You are welcome to come for a drive” he said as we were approaching intersection where I had to get off. “I will be driving past here on Monday morning around 6 am” – he said, stopped his truck and got out to help me to take my bicycle.
“I have to talk to my step-parents and would be delighted to go to Sydney”
“No problems mate. And make sure you have tyre repair kit with you next time”
He rubbed his crotch again and I did the same before he turned away, climbed to the cabin and left. I stood on the intersection watching his truck disappear. Is he gay? He did not look like one but I was sure he was trying to test me. Maybe it is just because I look so much gay? It was Thursday and I started thinking about going with Peter to Sydney. I was not 100% sure I would go because I was a bit scared really. My step-parents will be no problem as far as trip is concerned.
I spent whole Weekend thinking about Peter and deciding about going with him to Sydney. On Sunday I spoke to my step-parents about going to Sydney with some friends to visit their relatives. They were fine with that. Yes, I decided to go. My step-mother helped me with packing on Sunday evening. I barely had any sleep that night and got up very early and headed towards the intersection. I got there almost an hour early and very excited. Just after ?my backpack in the cabin and climbed in. This will be highlight of this so far very boring summer school holidays.

“I knew you will turn up” – Peter said after a quick “Morning”. I just gave him a big smile. “I told my wife I will have assistant on this trip” – he said. He is married! I was totally wrong about him. I was silent. At least I will go to Sydney and probably some other places and get away from farm and creek. “I did not tell you I am married last time. Yeah for 5 years now. We have two kids. You have brothers or sisters?”
“No. I am adopted and live with my step-parents on the farm…”
“I see. I guess you will be heading to the big smoke after High School?”
“Yes, that is my plan. Want to study business and accounting”
We chatted about all sorts of things before arriving to Sydney. Peter drove truck in some factory yard somewhere on outskirts of Sydney and forklifts started loading it after he sorted paperwork in the office. I helped him with securing load.
“We are heading to Brisbane. Must be there after Midday tomorrow. Plenty of time. Let’s have a lunch before we move”
We had a lunch in a café not far from the factory. Not much conversation was going on during the lunch. I noticed that he was observing me while I was eating. Maybe this was not so great idea? I will not even see Sydney properly. Still… glad to be away for a while.
“Let’s move mate!”
I have never been north of Sydney and thought of going up to Queensland and Brisbane cheered me up. Peter was not talking too much but was very friendly and I was feeling comfortable in his company. And seat was very comfortable. I enjoyed watching scenery along the highway and made myself even more comfortable by taking my shoes off and placing my feet on the dashboard. Peter looked at my legs (I was wearing shorts) and reached for his crotch again and it was obvious he had erection.
“Your legs are so smooth. Very nice. You look very feminine Marcus. Do you mind if I ask something personal? You don’t have to answer of course”
“No offense but – are you gay?
Blood rushed in my head and face. I quickly took my feet of the dashboard and looked out the window. Why is he asking me this? – “Yes. I think I am gay” – I whispered after a long silence.

“You THINK? You don’t have a girlfriend I suppose. How about boyfriend? You never had any sex with anyone?” – his questions were coming at me fast.
“I don’t have a girlfriend or a boyfriend… I had sex with … a guy… once…only… You said that you are married…”
“Yes, I am married. She got pregnant when we were dating… – long silence followed.
“Did you have any boyfriends?” – I could not believe I had a courage to ask
“Not really boyfriends… but… had sex with guys and girls… more with girls…”
We both went silent and I was staring through the window, but I don’t think I was seeing scenery any more. I don’t remember what I was thinking about but I was feeling comfortable again and placed my feet on the dashboard again. Peter looked at me and gave me a big smile. Sunset was beautiful and we continue driving through the evening. Peter slowed down and parked his truck off the road. We were the only people on this rather small parking just off the highway.
“Time for some rest. I must have a rest by the law and we have plenty of time and can have some sleep… Or… fun?” – his hand touched my leg and I could feel shivering. He turned engine and lights off. It was dark and very quiet. His hand was gently massaging my knee then it moved up and he touched my hard cock. “Mmmm, you are excited too…” – I was silent but enjoying his touch. – “Want to check me out?” – he asked and took my hand and placed it on his pants. His cock was hard. – “What do you say Marcus?…
“Yes” – I whispered

His strong arms grabbed me and threw me at the back of the cabin on the bed. It was hard but comfortable – wider than I thought it would be. He moved from his seat and was laying down next to me. It was very dark in the sleeping compartment. I could feel his breathing on my neck and then our lips touched and we kissed gently first and then passionately. He unzipped my shorts while kissing and took it off – “You are not wearing undies… How convenient…” – He pulled me close to his body and was spreading my buns and fingering my hole gently. He took off his trousers and briefs while kissing. His hard cock was rubbing against my body – it was so big – much bigger than Thomas. I touched his cock and found it to be very thick. He was uncut but his foreskin was completely off his cock-head while mine was still covering half of my cock-head when erected. We were laying on side and our cocks were touching and he started playing with my cock – “Nice thin sausage…” then he raised my leg and placed his cock between my legs and rubbing my hole. We changed positions as we were kissing and cuddling and eventually got into 69. I was chocking with his big cock in my mouth and he was pushing my foreskin back with his lips and licking my balls and hole.
“I want to fuck you” he whispered on my ear
“Oh your cock is very big… I don’t have any lubricant…”
“I have everything we need – I knew you will turn up and got lubricant before leaving” – he reached out and I could hear opening of the lubricant bottle. He turned me on my stomach and cold lubricant started rubbing my hole. He did it slowly then he turned me to lay on my back and I spread my legs willingly and more lubricant rubbed my hole as well as fingering. He tried to lubricate my cock but I pushed his hand away. – “Cumming too quick?” – “Yes” – “Give me your hand” – he squeezed some lubricant on my hand – “You can lubricate mine” – I started rubbing lubricant on his cock feeling excited but also a bit concerned about size of it. What if I cannot take it? He took my legs spread them and placed his cock on my hole rubbing it very gently. I started moaning – “It is very big…” – “Don’t worry I don’t want to hurt you in any way. Just relax. You can take even bigger cock but must be relaxed and trust me. It might hurt a bit while head is opening your hole but you will be fine. If it is too bad I will pull out” – his voice was calm and reassuring.

He was not pushing but gently rubbing my hole with his cock while kissing my lips, neck and shoulders. After a while I relaxed and my hole started opening. He sensed it and gently pushed in. It was painful but not as with Thomas. I could feel when head was completely in. He stopped for a while and kissed me and played with my nipples before making slow penetration with gentle strokes. It was a very sweet pain and pleasure that I could feel going through my spine and stomach. I moaned but he was quite silent just repeating “I like you”. Gentle strokes continued and I started feeling his balls touching my buns. I was completely relaxed and moaning loudly. I expected him to accelerate stroking but he was still doing it slowly. Then he pulled his cock out suddenly and then pushed it back in slowly and repeated that several times. It was incredible pleasure – that sweet pain when cock head was opening hole was sweeter and sweeter every time. We changed positions number of times. I found the one when he is behind me on side the most comfortable one. Did not like doggy style for some reason and he sensed it so we were in that position only once. He squeezed my cock strongly several times and it seem to be stopping me from cumming in spite being very close several times. After a while I started feeling a bit sore. – I am a bit sore Peter…” – “Just little longer babe…” – he said and kissed me very passionately and his strokes became faster and forceful. I screamed and my cum was spraying all over my stomach and chest. A few moments later he moaned for the first time, pushed strong and deep and I could feel his cock pulsating inside me. He pushed several times before stopping and giving me gentle kiss. – “You are so beautiful… I came inside – Is that a problem – Sorry, did not ask before…” – “It is fine… I like it…” He slowly pulled his cock out, slumped on his back and pulled me on top of him. I rested my head on his chest and closed my eyes – it was experience like never.
I woke up and heard engine running. Looked through the window and it was beautiful sunrise. Peter was driving and whistling some song. I felt in love with him. I enjoyed the moment quietly before starting to stretch. Peter looked at me through his rear vision mirror.
“Good Morning Beautiful”
I reached through and kissed his neck then found my shorts and dressed and jumped to the front seat. Our hands touched and we held each other for a while. Peter rubbed my tummy and then touched my nipples – “Will have milk there soon” – he laughed gently. I loved the thought of it.

“You had a sex only once before?”
“Someone older?”
“No, a guy from school”
“His first time too?”
“Clean then. I should talk to you about unprotected before we started but I was too hot. I am having sex only with my wife. Last guy I was with was almost a year ago and we used condoms”
“I am clean”
“I know. You should be careful though. Particularly because you are bottom…”
We chatted about school and my plans for studying in Sydney. Time flew, and we arrived to our destination in Brisbane around 11 am. I was happy to help around the truck although there was no much for me to do. We finished unloading around two hours after arriving.

To be continued…

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