I was playing on the apps, chatting to the right people and deleting messages from the wrong ones, when I saw his profile. A little conversation later and we’d set up a meeting – he seemed relieved to have found exactly what he wanted.

Won’t say his name (let’s call him Pex), but what attracted me to his photo was his chest, specifically his big dark nipples and fair smooth skin. When we exchanged photos I was surprised to see how handsome he was – mixed Chinese/Malay guy in his twenties, longish curly hair – and he looked exactly like his photos when he turned up at my doorstep a little after the arranged time. He had trouble getting public transport, so he was a little sweaty: no surprise, really, since he was wearing a long-sleeved grey cotton top and maroon shorts.

The shorts showed off his thick thighs and well-formed calves, which were a little hairy. I got him to come into my condo and after I shut the door, I admired the view. He had the body of a serious bodybuilder, or a fitness model, shoulders looking broad because of the muscle, and his tight top didn’t hide his bulging arms or massive pecs.

He had a nice bubble butt, and even though he had well-developed legs, it wasn’t big. Pex noticed me looking, and flexed for me, showing off his front and back. I suggested that he take off his clothes and relax, enjoy the cool aircon, and let me do my work.

During our chat, after I complimented his chest, he’d told me that he had sensitive tits, and that he enjoyed gentle nipple play – wouldn’t mind some of that and some oral, and if I needed to, he would let me fuck him. Sounded good to me.

He stripped off his top and his shorts, and I saw that he was wearing only a pair of skimpy white briefs underneath. I took him to the living room, dialled the lights down low, sat next to him and leaned over. He pulled me in for a kiss – good kisser, lots of tongue – and then I started to service him. I started with my hands, touching and feeling his pecs. He had a flat, lean stomach, which only made his chest look even bigger. His fair skin made his large nipples look even more appealing, and when I licked one with my tongue, I could taste his fresh sweat.

I took my time, working exclusively on his nipples, first one, and then the other, just licking to begin with. I explored his chest with my tongue, licking his pecs clean, and circling his nipples with the tip of my tongue till they got nice and firm. He had big nubs, and he moaned appreciatively, softly, when I took one between my lips and sucked on it. I did that for a while, enjoying the soft moans and gasps, and then moved to the other one. I made sure to keep up the stimulation, flicking one with my finger as I sucked the other one. Pex lay back, relaxing into the feeling or flooded with sensation.

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