Sweet Asian guy Zing!

After graduating, I took on a position as an instructor’s aid during my graduate studies year. I was amazed at how many young students not only sought out my assistance, but several even sought out my bed. One of these young men was Japanese-born Kyoshi Yuzuki. Kyo, as he liked to be called, was a very flamboyant young gay man and flaunted it quite openly. It was inevitable that he and I should hook up.

I crossed Kyo’s path during an evening at the library. He later admitted that he had heard about me and my talents, so his approaching me in the library wasn’t all that accidental. Still, I wasn’t one to turn down an enjoyable fuck, even when it was so brazenly offered up to me on a platter.

“I don’t normally do something like this,” he laughed as we sat across from each other in the magazine reading section. I had Entertainment Weekly opened, enjoying the reviews of the up-coming summer movies, while he held GQ, with a photo of Orlando Bloom on the cover.

I closed my magazine and asked, “And what is it that you’re doing?” We had yet to be formally introduced, even though it was obvious we already knew each other.

He looked shy, and yet was rather bold when he replied, “I don’t normally come straight out and ask a guy if they’d like to make out sometime.” His dark eyes looked up, capturing mine. His mouth was slightly open, the thin lips parted. I could see his tongue slide from one side to the other. An obvious invitation if there ever was one in our “community”.

“I normally like to be wined and dined before going to bed with someone,” I told him in an off-handed manner. It wasn’t all that true, but still.

Kyo’s eyes brightened. “We can stop in at Greek’s Pizzeria! I’ll buy!”

“I already had dinner tonight,” I shrugged. “Sorry. Maybe we should just skip that part and head straight to my place?” I didn’t need his answer. The way his face lit up was more than enough for me.

Kyo and I made our way across campus to my apartment. We had barely arrived before Kyo had turned and pulled my mouth to his and deeply kissed me. Kyo is a good six inches shorter than me and he pulled my head down while all but crawling up my body. His arms went around my neck and he hooked his left leg around my right as his tongue thrust deep into my mouth. Kyo had one hell of a long tongue, I discovered.


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I could feel Kyo’s bulge pressing hard against my crotch, and in turn my own cock began to grow. We broke off our deep kiss after a few minutes and pulled each other’s polo shirts up and off. Kyo’s mouth went back to mine and suddenly I found myself holding his entire weight in my hands as he wrapped both of his legs around my hips and pulled his naked chest tightly to my own. I took the opportunity to carry him on through to my bedroom. Meanwhile, Kyo lowered his mouth to my chest and began to tongue-tease my nipples, one after the other. The tingles he sent through my body gave my cock an added boost.

“Jeezus!” I groaned. “When’s the last time you got laid?”

Kyo dropped to his feet and began to pull at my jeans. “A week ago. But I’ve been wanting to get with you for a long time, now. I’ve heard so much about you from my room-mate.” He quickly had my fly open and my cock head tugged up over the top of my briefs.

“Who’s your room-mate?” I had to ask.

Kyo moaned as my knob popped into view, just inches away. He replied, “Craig DuPaul.” I knew Craig, alright. I didn’t know he had a room-mate this year. He was a senior baseball player that had been drafted by the Kansas City Royals in the spring. He was a stud, and knew his way around a cock. He limited himself to just sucking and being sucked, and I had met him a few years back at a local adult bookstore. He and I had shared an enjoyment for gloryholes and had often tried to out-number each other in the number of cocks serviced during a session. We had also enjoyed many evenings locked in the mutually enjoyable 69-position in either his dorm room or mine. With his now being on the way to the Big Leagues, he had backed away from his gay tendencies. At least, that was what I’d heard. Knowing that he had such a flamboyant room-mate as Kyo made me wonder, and want to get back in touch with him.

As I recalled my limited history with Craig, Kyo had wrapped his lips around my knob and started swabbing it down with his tongue. The tingles of desire raced up my spine.

Kyo suddenly stood and kissed me again, and then turned his back to me, where he then pressed his denim-cover butt directly against my upright cock. He began to hump back at me, rubbing my cock up and down, while grinning back at me. His dark eyes were on mine again. “I really don’t think I can wait longer,” he purred. “I need your rod inside me, Rodney! My pussy is so fucking hot!”

“Jeezus! What are you? Some kind of sex-starved slut?” I reached around his hips to attack his belt and fly.

“Well, I’m a slut, alright!” he laughed. I turned him around to face me and after dropping to my knees, I opened his jeans and pushed them down to find his crotch bulge packaged in a tight white brief no bigger than a girl’s panties. I wouldn’t doubt that they were girl’s panties. It was quite erotic and I rubbed his cock and balls through the light material with my open palm. His shaft was hot and throbbed under my pressure. His head rolled back and Kyo sighed deeply.

I spun him around again and tugged his tiny briefs halfway down his thighs to expose his tight little Asian ass. Kyo moaned and bent at the waist across the side of my big bed. I took hold of his hips and began to plant kisses across his globes and upper thighs. I licked up through his crack and deeper, until I tickled the back of his hanging balls. I then dragged my tongue upward, across his “taint”, and onto his anus.

“Oooohhh, that feels so delightful!” he purred. His hips rolled upward a bit more and I swirled my tongue across his rosebud. It winked under my oral attentions, and Kyo moaned again into my bed covers. I pushed his tight globes apart more and started bathing his asshole with my tongue, lapping across and around his tasty hole. He had come prepared, of that there was no doubt now. Kyo had been hoping to get picked up and had taken the time to cleanse himself well. I even detected a hint of lavender in his aroma.

I thrust my tongue against his rose-bud and a moment later it popped on through. “Oooohhh, yeessss!” he moaned. His ass pushed back against me as my tongue pushed into him. My nose was hard against his tail bone as I reached up between his parted thighs to wrap my right fist around his surprisingly long cock. Kyo again moaned loudly as my tongue probed his asshole. I tasted his tangy hole and began to feast upon it. All the while, Kyo’s hips were rolling from side to side, and he was moaning and gasping, tossing out a stray obscenity in both English and Japanese from time to time.

As I ate his ass out, his hips rolled and he began fucking my hand. I enjoyed that boy’s ass for a good five minutes, stopping only when my hand felt his cock pulse, and a thick drool of pre-cum leaked out to roll down my wrist. I dropped his cock, pulled my tongue from his ass, and began to strip his clothing away, until Kyo stood before me completely naked.

I stood and as I started ripping my own clothing off, I told him, “Get in the bed.” Kyo obeyed and rolled onto the bed. He watched with greedy eyes as I stripped out of my own clothing. My cock was steel-rod hard at that point and aimed directly at him as I stepped up to the side of the bed. Kyo quickly rolled to his belly and with hunger in his eyes, which were locked to my crotch, he pulled me forward until my cock slipped easily into his gaping, eager mouth.

“Oooohhh, that’s it! Suck that big dick!” I moaned as his tongue began to swirl beneath my knob. His hands pulled my hips forward even more and I felt my knob press into the back of his throat, and a second later pop through. Kyo gulped and my cock, every hard inch, slipped smoothly into his gullet. My heavy balls nestled against his warm flesh as his hands took a firm grip on my hip, holding me in place for a long moment.

I was surprised at how easy Kyo could take my thick shaft into his throat. As his grip relaxed, I began to saw it in and out of his face. He reacted with deep moans of lust and passion. I had ahold of the back of his head and drove my dick time and again fully into his throat. It was an amazing feeling and I wanted to enjoy every possible sensation this young Asian-boy’s throat-pussy was giving me. It wasn’t long before I was driving myself roughly towards an all-too-soon release, so I sucked in a deep breath and pulled my cock from his suctioning lips with a pop. Saliva dripped in long ropes from my knob and his lips. He looked up into my face as if to beg for more, but I had other plans for Kyo now.

I rolled Kyo onto his back on my bed, then took hold of his leg. I spun him around until his legs dangled off the edge of the bed, to either side of my hips. I dropped to my knees and captured his semi-flaccid cock with my fist. I stroked him once or twice and then lifted his dark-fleshed knob to my lips. I opened wide and engulfed his manhood into my mouth. I could taste his tangy pre-cum as the head slipped across my tongue. I latched my lips tightly around his shaft-base and sucked, making Kyo moan loudly again and push his hip upward to feed me another inch. I began to suck and slurp at his stiffening member while running my lips up and down his length. I soon picked up a steady head-bobbing in his crotch as I fucked my face with his dick.

I worked his cock over well, and soon he was panting and groaning. His hips bucked upward occasionally, especially when I started working his anus over with a finger. The third time his hips bucked, I stuffed my middle-finger all the way up his ass, making him groan loud while his cock fed me a steady stream of sweet pre-cum. I tickled his prostate and got a fresh mouthful when his shaft pulsed.

“Oooohhh, fuck! I’m going to blast!” he grunted, and I quickly pulled off and grabbed his balls hard.

“Oh, no you don’t!” I told him. “Not until I want you to.”

Kyo was panting, fighting back his climax. I waited until his breathing began to return to something like normal, holding his balls in my grip the entire time. When I thought he was back in control, I asked him, “What do you want, stud?”

“I want your cock up my ass!” he panted after only a brief pause. “I want you to fuck me, Rodney! I want you to breed me!” I had barely let go of his scrotum before he had rolled onto his knees and thrust his hips up and back at me.

He began to beg for me to fuck him, and I was all for that. “Please, fuck me, Rodney! I need it so bad! I need your cock deep inside my ass!” A bit of an evil streak went through me as I took in the pleading young man. His head twisted around and I saw actual pain in his eyes, as he worried that I wasn’t going to give him what he so obviously needed in that moment. Unfortunately for him, I thought that it would be fun to keep teasing my little Asian fuck-boy a little longer.

I stood up and fisted my shaft, giving it a slow stroke that his eyes absorbed. I pulled his hips closer, his knees to the edge of the bed, and pressed my cock into his ass groove.

“Ooohh, yeessss!” he moaned, expecting me to plow in at any moment. Instead, I lay my shaft along his crack and stroked up and down, dry-humping him. He moaned, “Ohhh, pleeeeeaaasse!” and again begged for my cock. I playfully smacked his ass a couple of times, then backed off the bed so that I could again press my mouth to his ass, and my tongue against his anus.

Kyo moaned, “Aaahhh, I love that! But I need your cock! Please, Rodney! I need your cock inside me!” I continued to deny him and tongue-fucked his tasty asshole for another good five minutes, all the while slathering his hole with spit, getting him ready for that which he continued to beg for.

Kyo was gasping and begging quite loudly after just a few minutes, so I told him, “Maybe it’s time I shut you up!” I roughly manhandled him then, nearly throwing him onto his back and pulled his head around to my crotch. I crawled onto my bed and pulled his face to my cock, which he eagerly accepted once again into his mouth. I took hold of his head and began to face-fuck him. As he began to hum and purr around my shaft, I reached down and took hold of his cock, stroking it in time with my cock in his mouth. He liked that, given the groaning he was doing around my cock.

I pulled Kyo’s knees up and pressed them outward. His ass opened wide for me and I began to finger his saliva-coated hole. When I popped my long index finger in, Kyo grunted and moaned, still muffled by my mouth-filling cock. He humped upward and my finger all but disappeared into his hungry ass. He was in desperate need to get fucked, that was obvious. Kyo was showing that he was a serious whore. I liked that in a fuck-toy.

I soon had two fingers plunging in and out of his loosening hole. Kyo was one well-used piece of ass. I probably could have worked my way up to pounding my entire fist into him at that angle, but I wanted to feel his tightness around my cock, not my wrist.

Satisfied that he’d lathered up my shaft well enough, I pulled free of his gaping and bruised mouth, pulled his legs wide apart, and dropped to my knees between them. His eyes were watering from the brutality of the face-fucking I’d given him, but they were bright with eagerness and anticipation. I still wanted to tease him, just a bit longer, so I leaned across his body and my mouth found his. I kissed him deeply while pressing my hips down between his parted thighs. My cock settled alongside his and I began to dry-hump his thick pubic patch. Kyo moaned into my mouth, again begging to feel my cock inside his ass. He was so willing, it was almost adorable.

I pulled my mouth from his and sat back on my haunches. He looked up at me with pleading eyes. I took hold of his left leg and rolled him onto his belly once again. His ass immediately rolled upward, begging. I leaned forward and again lay my shaft along his ass crack. He moaned with disappointed excitement as I began to hump his crack. I had hold of his hips as I stroked. I could feel my balls slap against his asshole, making him gasp and sigh each time. I was really getting into teasing the hell out of this way-too-eager lover. I hoped that I was teaching him a little something about playful fore-play, something I, and many of my past lovers, enjoyed. Kyo was too eager to dive right into fucking and getting fucked. Most likely it was a result of how he was taught. In my role as an Instructor’s Assistant, I felt it was my duty to teach this young stud the right way to give and receive.

With my cock wedged into his crack, I leaned forward and lay all my weight across Kyo’s back, pressing him, and his cock, into the mattress. I took hold of his left ear with my mouth and gently bit the lobe before licking around and then kissing down his neck and around to repeat the actions with his other ear. Kyo moaned beneath me, beginning to submit to my way of loving.

I kissed and licked my way back down his spine, until I again had his ass cheeks spread wide and my tongue dancing across his rosebud yet again. This time, I was depositing as much saliva as I could manage, readying Kyo for what he was so desperately begging for. His hips again rolled upward and I reached beneath to take hold of his rigid cock once again. I tugged and pulled at his penis while wiping my tongue across his asshole. Soon, all Kyo could gasp was a thickly accented, “Please, please, please.”

I rolled Kyo onto his back again, then pushed his knees back to his chest, opening his crotch up for me. His cock twitched excitedly across his belly, and below his heavy balls so did his anus. I took my cock in hand and slapped its length downward, against his asshole. His knob throbbed and I watched as the piss-slit opened and a long stream of pre-cum leaked out again. I wiped it up with my forefinger and as I finally pressed my knob against his anus and pushed, I stuffed my finger between his lips.

“Uuunnggghh!” he growled around my finger between sucks as my cockhead wedged open his saliva-coated anus. I pulled up and watched as his sphincter resisted for a moment, and then relaxed. My spear-like pink knob slowly disappeared into his dark hole, and as Kyo moaned deeply, I entered him.

“Oooohhh, gggooooodddd!” he groaned so loud I might have worried about my neighbors had they not known about my lifestyle before then. They were a liberal, free-spirited, older retired couple that probably enjoyed listening through the walls as I entertained my frequent lovers. Their bedroom and mine shared the wall, and I’d enjoyed an evening or two listening to old man Frasier give his wife a good pounding.

I watched Kyo’s features twist through agony and ecstasy as he finally got what he had been begging for. I eased slowly forward into his tight ass a slow inch at a time. I dragged my penetration out, taking the best part of a full two minutes to ease into him. All the while Kyo rolled his head and panted, and hopelessly begged for me to drive into him fully. When he reached for my hips and tried to pull me deeper, but I would only stop, or pulled back slightly, in punishment for his eagerness.

I repeatedly told him, “Patience is needed, and I insist on it in my lovers.” He would nod then, giving me control over his entire sexual being. I liked that. I asked him, “You do want to remain one of my lovers after tonight, don’t you, Kyo?”

“Oh, god, yes! Yes!” he replied. “I want to worship you, Rodney. I want to live impaled on your great manhood!” Whatever that meant.

I again slipped another inch into him, and as his moans began to grow louder, I picked up my pace, until finally my entire length filled his guts and my balls settled against his flesh. He trembled beneath me, moaning none-stop until I couldn’t believe he could moan any longer. This boy had great lung capacity, I marveled. Kyo’s bowels were warm and tight, and as I slowly began to fuck in and out of him, his breathing matched my thrusts. In and out went my cock, ever so slowly, and in and out went his breath. Like a sexual bellows.

At first, I only moved a few inches in him, but all too soon I was fucking his guts with full-length strokes that had Kyo grunting with every downstroke. The bed rocked beneath us, the headboard lightly banging against the wall, as I settled into the fuck-rhythm Kyo had been begging for. His cock bounced and rolled across his lower belly, nearly flaccid now, though still leaking his thick clear pre-cum. I dipped a finger into the puddle and smeared it across his lips. Kyo licked it from my finger. I scooped up a second helping, tasting it myself. He was indeed sweet.

I don’t know how long I fucked Kyo like that. It had to be more than ten, fifteen minutes. He was a good piece of ass, that was for sure. His body reacted to every angle I thrust into it differently, and often his entire body would tremble, as if his ass was going through an orgasm. The grip around my shaft seemed to be milking my seed from me, but I fought back the growing urge to dump my load. All the while, Kyo was grunting, gasping, moaning, and begging, both in English and Japanese, enjoying every inch I provided him. I knew I would be enjoying this wonderful young Asian’s body again and again.

Eventually, it all became too much. I’d been in need of relief for two days now, and Kyo’s fluttering bowels were doing things to my cock that few had ever managed. I tossed my head back the moment my balls tightened and I growled loudly.

“I’m cummingggg! Uuunnngggghhhhh!” I roared as I pounded deep into Kyo’s guts one last time. My cock pulsed hard and spit my white-hot cum deep into his intestines, painting the walls and making Kyo gasp and croak beneath me. His asshole tightened around my pulsing, spitting cock as I held myself deep inside.

Rodney Steele

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