The Kimono

9:30 pm – It was a late call but it was that or eat alone again and watch a re-run of the Office. A house in Rosedale. I ring the door bell, I’m a little uncomfortable with the 25 lb. massage table strapped on my back.

He was… how should I describe him… He was hot. My height 6’1, 180 lbs, dark hair. He was wearing a shirt and tie, disheveled from a full day of work. He was one of those that shaved every morning but by this time his 5 o’clock shadow was in evidence. “I’m running a little late, come in set up where ever you like. I’ll just go changed.”

I walk into this old Victorian house modernized with Italian leather and Flos lamps. I set up.  He walks into the room wearing a black silk kimono. The hairs on his chest are curled and dark like his features. A one hour relaxation massage to distress from his day. He’s the CEO of a finance company.

The kimono slides off. Michaelangelo’s David. I can’t help but look down. He was very comfortable standing there naked and had every right to be. His chest was well formed and ripped, his cock was at least 6” soft cut with dark pubes. I could feel myself getting hard beneath my loose massage pants. I stood there staring for what seemed to be forever. He smirked. He choose Rosemary for his sent and his Greek statuesque body folds over the massage bed. His ass was hard as a rock and so was I.

I started with massaging his feet. He’s skin was soft, he took care of himself.  I then proceeded to massage each of his legs working from his hard calves up to his thighs. I let my hands slide gently under his thigh and brush lightly against his balls. He tensed up for a second but relaxed with a moan. My hands glide up his calves to his thighs then onto his ass cheeks. I Spread his legs apart slightly and see his pink hole.  As I bring my hands down I let my fingers fall between his ass cheeks lightly touching pink.

I then proceed to his shoulders working my hands down his back , I could feel the tension in his shoulders so I tell him to relax.  I continue massaging his shoulders and arms. He’s shoulders are broad. I take his hand and place it in my lap over my groin, that is now about to explode. I massage the palms of his hands and each finger. When I finished both arms I continued massaging his back letting my hands just slide down on his ass cheeks.

“You can turn over”. He does. His cock is now semi-hard. I continue massaging his quads. My fingers brush up against his balls. His cock grows. I finish both legs and start on his abdomen. He grabs my hands, and with a quick movement he’s up off the bed and behind me. He folds me over the massage table, and pulls down my pants. It happened so fast, I was still thinking of his rectus abdominis. He spreads my cheeks, I can feel his tongue in my hole. He violently devoured my ass, licking and biting it. He was then behind me kissing my neck, he turned my head and stuck his tongue down my throat. I then felt his huge cock inside me. I started to scream from the pain, tears came rolling down my cheeks. He didn’t care he continued fucking me. He kept thrusting harder and harder, faster and faster. The pain soon became pleasurable. He fucked me hard for what seemed like 20 minutes. He then pulled out and threw me on the floor. He grabbed the back of my head and put his cock in my mouth. He pushed my head hard on his cock until I was gagging for air. He came all over my face…

120 dollars later I was home watching “the Office”. He schedules a massage once a week.

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