We caught up with Ghislain Pascal, director of The Little Black Gallery in London, for a guide to some of the photographers that he’s been featuring in his showcase titled, Boys! Boys! Boys! A celebration of the magic that happens when a photographer turns their artistic eye onto the male form.

Is there an unending supply of photos of men?

It appears that I’ve opened Pandora’s Box! There’s a whole wide world out there of talented queer and gay photographers, many of them unseen and unrepresented.

Boys! Boys! Boys! is giving them a platform to expose their work to the art market worldwide, alongside more established names.

I’m really happy to welcome new artists joining the collective, including Sarp Kerem Yavuz, Serge Le Hidalgo, Lucas Murnaghan, and Michael Søndergaard.

How do you select the photographers showcased?

For every sale I try and find new photographers that fit in  –  works that feature ‘boys’ but in a fine art context.

I’m very careful that the pictures are neither too commercial or too pornographic. It’s a very fine line.

Do you have any particular favourite photos of boys?

I like them all, but the ones I want now in my collection are Tristan In The Bedroom by Stephane Gizard, Luke Smithers’ Cowboy series, and Lulu Delafalaise’s Le Vigoureux.

What do these photos have to say about men, masculinity, and sexuality?

I leave that to the viewer to interpret. All that I’m trying to do is push the boundaries and say that it’s fine to hang artworks of boys on your walls. Judging by the response, the message seems to be getting through.

If someone was interested in picking up a camera and taking some photos of guys, what advice or guidance would you give them?

The only advice I would give is the same advice I give every photographer  –  for a photograph or photographer to stand out from the crowd, the image has to be different, and they have to have their own distinct style. Sadly this is rare.

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