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Meet me in “357” – Part 1 – The first time in 357

Hello, my name is Marcus. A country-boy moved to study in Sydney. Almost a year after moving to Sydney and settling in shared apartment in Newtown I have discovered mysterious world of “357” sauna in the city. Since then I am regular visitor and have some experience to share with those interested.

Summer in the creek – Losing innocence – Part 1

My name is Marcus. I was born in Sydney but grew up on a farm just outside Goulburn since I was adopted at age of four. My mother gave me away when I was a baby as she was not able to take care of me. She died from heroine overdose when I was two. This should be enough for a time being. I will reveal more as we go.

Summer in the Creek – Loosing innocence – Part 2

His kiss was passionate. We played in the water like kids for a while then he took me in his arms and walked out of the creek and placed me on the towel.

Losing innocence – Part 3 – Peter’s truck

He moved in his seat and touched his crotch like he was having erection or something like that. Maybe it was just me seeing it that way. It made me feel excited nevertheless and I got erection and adjusted my …


I was playing on the apps, chatting to the right people and deleting messages from the wrong ones, when I saw his profile. A little conversation later and we’d set up a meeting – he seemed relieved to have found exactly what he wanted.

Won’t say his name (let’s call him Pex), but what attracted me to his photo was his chest, specifically his big dark nipples and fair smooth skin. When we exchanged photos I was surprised to see how handsome he was – mixed Chinese/Malay guy in his twenties, longish curly hair